Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Install Rain Gutters

Many homeowners nurse their battered, leaky gutters along because they just don’t see the reward of new gutters outweighing the effort required to replace them. That’s why we enlisted Agustin Crookston, owner of Classic Seamless Gutter Systems in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to show how attractive new gutters can be—and how easy to install. His company makes distinctive, half-round reproduction gutters, which have been featured on several This Old House TV projects. The dark-green aluminum gutters used here ($2.75 per linear foot, materials only) were attached to the fascia with cast-aluminum, closed-curl brackets ($8 each), which the homeowners spray-painted antique gold. At the ends of the gutters are 4-inch-diameter corrugated aluminum downspouts ($1.75 per linear foot), which were ordered in white to match the house trim from Gutter Supply Inc.

To ensure that gutters drain properly, make certain they slope (½ inch for every 10 feet) toward a downspout. For gutter runs longer than 40 feet, it’s best to pitch the gutter down from the middle to a downspout at each end. Or you can slope the gutters down from each end toward a single downspout placed in the middle of the run. Determine what works best for your house before ordering new gutters and attachments.


  1. Super professional, prompt, and good communicators. The crew came by this morning as promised and they were already at work. It's 3pm now and they finished, swept up, and left me with my new, professionally-installed gutters. Thanks, Kirkland Gutter Company

  2. Thank you for the instructions on how to install rain gutters. They are very informative. Professionals can install the appropriate gutters and downspouts in a matter of a few short hours. Installling them yourself will take a little longer but will save money. Gutter